As the market leader for DIY hardware in Germany, suki not only provides the widest and deepest range of products in the industry but also incredible variety. With 20.000 articles in 45 different types of space-saving packaging, we can make the most of your shelf space. And, with a total of 480 product groups, provide you with the largest selection of solutions for all your customers' specific fastening problems.
Only suki does that.
Unbeatable variety

Flexible packaging concept

Thanks to optimised packaging types and sizes per product group, suki offers you the greatest possible flexibility when it comes to putting together your hardware display. Colour-coded packaging shows consumers the scope of application.  Pictograms overcome the language barrier and clear dimensions on the label leave every customer rest assured they have found the right product.
Stainless Steel A2 / A4

Stainless Steel Competence Centre

For outdoor applications, the particularly strong suki Stainless Steel Competence Centre offers a much larger A4 assortment than others. We have every solution. And make sure that your customers find them easily. High-quality and good for sales.

Hardware Competence Centre

An attention-grabbing shop-in-shop concept with an extensive range of hardware for special applications. A clear view of the products and an excellent guidance system lead customers to the solution they are looking for, thus ensuring maximum churn.
Tapping screws & Drilling screws
Stainless steel A2
Stainless steel A4
Hooks & Eyes
Metric screws
Nails & Pins
Special fasteners
Wood screws
Universal wood screws
Pure individualisation!

Every display is its own concept

With suki products come experienced experts who understand product complexity and the world of hardware in detail. This strength gets applied to every single suki display – you just tell us how much space you’ve got, what your customers and local competition are like. And we define the product composition, packaging sizes and display design so that it looks really good. We know the trends and understand consumer behaviour, advise you on your product range and help you restructure your hardware section efficiently.


Space-saving illuminated info boards

for best product information.


Product blocks

make recognising and finding the right products easier.


Different types of packaging

such as hanging boxes, sliding boxes, big packs and loose goods on one display ensure we always appeal to the consumer’s taste.


Double info

boards and large easy-to-read font provide more information about product groups and sizes.


suki PP Box

Solid packaging solution for storage with a large, informative label.

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