The Original – since 1905

What started more than 100 years ago with the invention of self-adhesive window seals is now suki´s top brand for protecting and caring, sealing and insulating, bonding and mounting as well as for home solution products. Always at the cutting edge of trends and innovations, we are constantly developing and adapting our very wide range of products to meet consumer needs. Clever new ideas and excellent quality go into maintaining our competitive edge and keeping us clearly differentiated.
Your benefits with fix-o-moll:
  • resilient, durable easy-to-use products
  • excellent value for money - thanks to competitive pricing
  • international strength due to multilingual packaging
  • easy-to-understand consumer information displayed on the shelf
  • our range is regularly updated with innovative ideas
The key difference

fix-o-moll Quality

There are two reasons for fix-o-moll’s excellent quality: the use of selected raw materials and the perfect mix of adhesives and optimised materials. To achieve the best possible results we work closely with our manufacturer network. By teaming up with these innovative partners, we are always sure to find a perfect solution that complies fully with European standards and classifications.

We source our REACH-compliant raw materials predominantly from Europe. On the occasions we source from Asia and we safeguard our quality by using BSCI-certified suppliers, our own laboratories, precise shipment control and regular on-site visits.

To ensure that fix-o-moll products meet all consumers‘ requirements, we conduct intensive quality control throughout every stage of production. This also involves maintaining the highest standards in regard to efficient environmentally friendly production, keeping our packaging to a minimum, using as little plastic as possible and working in accordance with the latest environmental standards.
Surface protection
Home Solutions
Sells itself like a charm!

We turn your display into a seller

It is important that your customers find what they need on the display quickly and easily – even if they don‘t know what they‘re looking for. To answer all their questions, the fix-o-moll display also provides clear, easy-to-understand product information and instructions.


Intuitively understandable and clearly arranged colour coding system and information panels

So your customers can find everything without having to ask.


Largely illustrated profiles

and short explanations on each package explain the application area of each product in many languages as well as internationally easily understandable graphic elements. So that customers can find everything without having to ask questions. And they can be sure that they have bought the right product.


High-quality packaging

with a uniform impact in all four product groups ensures a good image.


More sales thanks to powerful placement

To meet the needs of you and your customers, fix-o-moll promotion displays can be filled using different product group combinations as well as suki products that provide a fit to the concept. What a great way to grow your sales.
  • Targeted cross-selling with clip strips
    Where a product hangs is often decisive. And it doesn‘t always have to be in the fix-o-moll shelf. Eye-catching clip strips not only save space but also allow you to showcase individual products flexibility where they sell best and where your customers can find them when they need them.
  • Invitation to purchase,
    Place your fix-o-moll products in eye-level displays or directly at the checkout where they grab attention and ask to be bought.
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