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News from the world of suki.

11 OCTOBER 2021

"Solution provider for DIY retailers takes off"

Another publication about suki - in the current issue of the magazine "Unternehmeredition" there is a case study about suki and an interview with our CEO Sebastian Laus.

Since 2013, suki has been part of the Serafin group of companies and, as an omnichannel provider, is an important solution provider for DIY stores throughout Europe.

If you are interested in the case study and the interview, you can read both under the following link:
Go to the article about suki in the latest issue of "Unternehmeredition" [german text]


"Made for your Trade" - with innovative spirit to success

"Made for your Trade" - with innovative spirit to success - this is the title of the short company portrait, which was written as part of the location campaign "1000 days strong brand - introduction of the brand EIFEL" about suki. The Eifel Future Initiative wants to highlight the so-called "Hidden Champions" of the Eifel region as part of the campaign. Hidden champions (secret winners) are medium-sized companies that have become European or world market leaders in niche market segments. (German text source)

For those interested in reading the short company portrait of suki, you can find it under the following link (German Text):

04 AUGUST 2021

We stand together

The images of the flood disaster have left us all speechless.

Many of our employees have been directly affected by the flood disaster. Several of them are helping out on the ground through their involvement in voluntary fire departments, the THW (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief) and local aid projects.

Suki reacted immediately and delivered urgently needed relief supplies from its extensive product range free of charge to the crisis regions, especially to the Ahr and Kyll rivers. We gladly fulfilled the request for support of the Rotary Club Adenau-Nürburgring and donated equipped tool boxes.

We wish all those affected a lot of strength and confidence in this difficult time.

23 FEBRUARY 2021

suki with new sales manager for Italian market

On 15th of February 2021, Paolo Bulgarini will join suki in Italy as the new Sales and Country Manager. In the course of his career, the 47-year-old Paolo Bulgarini has worked for various international DIY and specialist trade suppliers and has extensive experience, particularly in the DIY and hardware segment. In his new role for suki, he will be responsible for the Italian market and will further develop the successful expansion in Italy from the suki location in Turin together with the entire Italian team. "We are very pleased that we have been able to gain an experienced and at the same time highly motivated new colleague in Paolo Bulgarini. Due to his large network and proximity to the existing Italian contacts, Mr Bulgarini will very quickly take over the operational business and be a competent contact for our customers," says Serge Thömmes (Director Sales at suki).

26 NOVEMBER 2020

Sealing and insulating with fix-o-moll

fix-o-moll products from suki offer everything that customers need to save energy. They have developed various solutions for sealing and insulating in very good quality and great prices.

The self-adhesive window and door seals of fix-o-moll ensure fast and energy-efficient solutions against draughts. In addition, energy escaping weak points and unwanted impact noises when closing are also avoided. Quickly and easily glued into window or door frames, they provide a reliable and long-lasting seal.

Special door seals made of plastic or aluminium permanently provide efficient protection against cold, draughts and dirt.

With MEGASTRIPs, door seals can be securely fixed to the door base and later easily removed without leaving marks or residue adhesive.

The draught-stop with practical hook-and-loop fastener remains firmly attached to the door during opening and closing, simply and very effective.

Special retro-fit insulation products, for example to prevent heat loss behind radiators or to better insulate single-glazed windows, round-off the fix-o-moll range.

10 NOVEMBER 2020

suki is certified according to ISO 28000

A high level of product availability has always been one of the hallmarks of suki.

In the area of conflict between global procurement with replenishment times of sometimes several months and Europe-wide distribution within a few days, a secure, perfectly functioning supply chain is essential for suki.

The events surrounding COVID-19 put the suki supply chain to a severe test. Delivery difficulties, especially from the Asian region, met with very high demand. These experiences became the reason to increase the flexibility of the supply chain and to further reduce the dependence on individual countries.

"The audit process showed that our supply chain is safe and stable. Nevertheless, the systematic analysis and documentation has revealed further optimisation possibilities. Our goal is to gradually implement the identified potential for improvement in our supply chain". mentions R. Humm, management systems representative at suki.

Customers expect reliable delivery. suki now has reliable proof of this through certification according to the ISO 28000 standard for security management in the supply chain.

On the photo you see, from right to left: Sebastian Laus, managing director of suki.international, René Humm, representative for management systems at suki and Jürgen A. Freund, DQS auditor.

28 OCTOBER 2020

Expansion of the suki tool range and the suki tool competence

suki, the specialist for DIY store assortments, has won over numerous new customers throughout Europe with their range of hand tools during the course of 2019 and 2020, thus expanding its strong position in Europe.

The product range has been extended by approximately one hundred products, e.g. measuring tools, screw driving tools, soldering tools and much more. Many products have been added, especially for the specialist tool trade and professional users. Suki’s uncompromising quality standards mean durability and sustainability are in prime focus.

Whether in a DIY store or specialist trade, the suki tools range offers tailor-made modules for every customer with individually designed product units, in a well thought-out presentation including different product focuses.

"The specially developed segmentations of the individual product groups, with user and product information, offer the best possible orientation for the end consumer. All POS information is individually adapted to the module sizes and product range contents and can be implemented internationally in all languages," emphasises Christoph Görgen, product manager responsible for the hand tools range.

10 JANUARY 2020

suki receives award for its surface protection campaign

At the 5th edition of LA NUIT, an event hosted by the french organization INOHA on the 28th of November 2019, a jury awarded companies for their committed and innovative approach in the categories Innovation, Communication, International Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. Suki was awarded the communication trophy for the modern, physical/digital communication campaign around our surface protection range, which is marketed under the brand fix-o-moll.  As surface protection is often regarded as a by-product in the market, its potential is often underestimated due to a lack of communication.

With our campaign we took a new look at these products and the BIGDUO premium felt gliders as the highlight product. To modernise the image of the range, its innovative features are presented and explained using multilingual, "phygital" communication tools: video in 7 languages on our YouTube channel, a dedicated website, QR codes for display at the POS, flyers and much more ... we are proud about our comprehensive 360° communication approach we took with this campaign. If you want more information about our Surface Protection range, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

28 NOVEMBER 2019

suki receives award for sustainability

At the 17th Toom in-house fair, suki was awarded the sustainability prize 2019 as part of the supplier award ceremony. We are very pleased about the award and will continue to work together with toom according to the principle "avoid, reduce, improve" to offer our customers environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives in many different areas. Read the complete article here (German, BaumarktManager)

16 MAY 2019

suki.international has been awarded two prizes at the DIY Week Awards in England for its innovative "Screw-it-Again" repair anchor for wood


It was a very successful afternoon for suki during the presentation of the DIY Week Awards 2019, which took place last week at the renowned Tower Hotel in London. Screw-it-Again, suki's innovative repair anchor for wood, received two awards in England at once: "DIY Product of the Year" and the "Jury Award" from the selection of all awards. Chris Cullen, Sales Manager at suki for Great Britain and Ireland, commented on the receipt of the awards: "We were delighted to receive the 'Product of the Year' award, especially in view of the strong competition in this category. The 'Jury Award' is a true reflection of how Screw-it-Again was judged by the expert jury; a simple, unique and effective DIY solution product" The patented product is exclusively marketed by suki in the member countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. The application and functionality of Screw-it-Again is explained on the international packaging in a consumer-friendly way. In addition, QR codes attached at the POS with a video as well as cross-selling offers support sales in the markets.

Source: diyweekawards.co.uk/2019-image-gallery/
(Last Checked:16.05.2019 8:55 Uhr)

04 APRIL 2019

suki - an excellent instructor


In the annual study "Germany's Best Training Companies" commissioned by "Focus Money" and "Deutschland Test" and carried out by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF), suki achieved 6th place out of around 2,500 companies. FOCUS reported on this in detail in issue 14 on 30 March 2019. deutschlandtest.de/ausbildung/

As a successful and internationally active company, suki is currently training 20 young people in various professions, three of whom are completing dual studies. The aim of the training is to successfully complete the course and to take on long-term employment. The graduation rate has been 100% for years. This is what Riana Thiel says about her training at suki: "Due to the company's versatile orientation, everyday training is always very varied. I particularly like the fact that, as part of my retraining, I go through all the departments relevant to my profession and thus gain an insight into each area of responsibility. Independent work and practical relevance are very important at suki. I am never left to my own devices. Friendly and helpful colleagues are always there to support me. A retraining at suki was the right decision for me".

For suki, "learning for a lifetime" is not a phrase but a serious concern. Even after their training or studies, suki invests in the professional development of its employees; today, many of them work in leading positions for suki.

25 JANUARY 2019

Screw-it-Again from suki makes it easy to repair damaged wood drill holes


Screw-it-Again is the new repair anchor from suki. The plug is suitable for the quick repair of torn out wood drill holes - a practical solution for a recurring problem in house and garden. Many special features make this product universal for different drillings and the assembly very easy.

suki and Screw-it-again, a US-American company, have agreed on an exclusive partnership for the distribution of the product. The patented product is exclusively marketed by suki in the member countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

The application and functionality of Screw-it-Again is explained on the international packaging in a consumer-friendly way. In addition, QR codes attached at the POS with a video as well as cross-selling offers support sales in the markets.

18 JULY 2018

suki. grows and strengthens Key Account Management DIY


The suki group is growing internationally and especially in Germany in the good double-digit range. "Significant growth rates are recorded. The three divisions suki Retail, Facido and DBM.S are growing significantly" reports Sebastian Laus, CEO of the suki Group.

Mr. Jörn Dittgen has therefore been strengthening Key Account Management DIY in Germany since 01.05.2018. Mr. Dittgen has many years of experience in the German DIY market. "After we were able to significantly increase our business in Germany in the retail sector and gain new listings, I am delighted to have a new industry expert join my team," says Reimund Penn, Sales Manager Germany in the suki retail organisation.

In addition to the successes in the DIY sector, suki has succeeded in gaining listings in the specialist trade. Important reference markets have already been established or are about to be established. In the course of this Mr. Sascha Graf was appointed team leader for the specialised trade.

05 FEBRUARY 2018

suki. with a breath of fresh air on the wall at the International Hardware Fair and nominated for the BHB Customer Service Award


At the International Hardware Fair from 4 to 7 March 2018, suki Profil will be presenting itself on a surface of almost 200 m² with a fresh breeze on the wall.

The new "shop-in-shop" concept for the iron goods assortment will be presented, as well as completely renewed presentations and innovations from many other assortments: chains & ropes in the new "European fit", an assortment tailored to the entire European market. The concept of furniture fittings with new packaging design and many new products on optimised surfaces. The range of furniture fittings is rounded off by the partnership with the Spanish manufacturer of decorative furniture fittings, REI Industrias, which will be presenting its products at the trade fair right next to suki. The partnership focuses on Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. "In the past four years we have developed a lot of innovations and sharpened our brand profile. In addition, we are increasingly focusing on product range partnerships," says Sebastian Laus, CEO of the suki Group.

A highlight of the fair is the awarding of the BHB Customer Service Prize. suki has been nominated for the Magnodur brand in the field of communication at the POS. "We are very proud of this nomination and who knows, maybe we can emerge from the competition with other renowned brands with a victory" flirt Serge Thömmes, Director International Sales and Tobias Gerten, Head of Marketing. Of course the assortment can be viewed at the suki booth. In addition to the wood connectors under the Magnodur brand, screws under the same brand and with the same coating will also be presented for the first time. In addition, suki will present a partnership with the US American company Ajustco for a new patented Magnodur product.

27 NOVEMBER 2017

Furniture Fittings that inspire


suki offers with the completely revised furniture technology assortment everything that do-it-yourselfers and professionals need for building or renovating furniture and furnishings. A wide range covers all requirements and guarantees satisfied customers. The focus is always on the buyer, who receives the best possible selection and installation aid through comprehensive product information on the newly developed folding card packaging and at the POS.

On the folding cards for the German-speaking countries product names are written out and detailed information is displayed in writing and pictures. The international packaging communicates this information through meaningful pictograms and application pictures.

Price-aggressive markets are served with efficient pouch packaging. A well thought-out colour coding system also provides an overview on the wall. Articles tested in Germany stand for a high level of quality and create lasting consumer confidence.

suki has many years of experience in the field of technical furniture fittings and has been supplying the national and international market for more than 20 years. The selection includes products from renowned German and European manufacturers, tested in Germany. A further special feature is the variability of the assortment for the requirements of the most diverse retailers.

New to the range are furniture handles and knobs. In order to always be able to serve the latest trends, suki and REI (Reunión Industrial S.L.U.) have agreed on an exclusive partnership for Germany and the Benelux countries. The product understanding of REI, the logistical know-how and the market knowledge of suki are thus brought together.

Since 1986, REI has been designing, producing and selling decorative fittings and furniture knobs for the DIY, decorative and furniture trade. A team of more than 100 employees works in four production facilities, from design, prototyping, mould making and metal processing to packaging and sales.

06 OCTOBER 2017

Hand Tools competence for the building materials trade


suki, the specialist for retail ranges, has completely revised and restructured its range of hand tools. With more than 500 new articles and professional tools from renowned manufacturers, the quality of the craftsmen's range has been further improved to meet the needs of the specialist building materials trade. All important trades, from bricklayers and tilers to roofers and GALA construction concepts, can be found here.

suki supplies everything from a single source, i.e. tailor-made concepts and product ranges that are perfectly tailored to the craftsman. In addition to other ranges such as hardware, wood connectors, chains & ropes, furniture fittings and self-adhesive solutions, suki offers genuine added value as an independent and solid partner.


The suki nail becomes an object of art


In the name of art suki supplies the Austrian artist Michl Herberstein with materials for his works. Some of his objects could be seen and felt in spring during the Austrian art fair "Art Austria" in Vienna.

The combination of the natural product wood and suki nails creates fascinating works for the art world. The historical product nail, which has accompanied mankind in everyday life for centuries, thus becomes the centre of attention. With a lot of creativity and devotion, the abstract use of suki products creates new, organic creations. The works of Michl Herberstein contain a lot, in the literal sense: The combination of wood and nail is presented powerfully and vividly. Each of these sculptures is a unique, fascinating, self-contained individual.

The group of works comprises twenty works from 2014 to the present day. Their common denominator is a wooden core with metal nail fittings. In this way the original shape is raised. A new surface with an aura of highlights reminiscent of iron scales or armour is created in a schematic manner.

Michl Herberstein was born in 1965 in Vienna and has lived in Lower Austria since 2000. Since 2009 the artist has concentrated on solo and group exhibitions. In Vienna he participated in the "Viennafair" in 2015 and in the "Art Austria" in 2017.

24 MAY 2017

suki presents "MAGNODUR" - Wood connectors at the Global DIY Summit in Berlin


As a long-standing sponsoring partner and supporter of the Global DIY Summit, suki will present the brand new Magnodur concept for the first time at the industry's leading event in Berlin. "Magnodur is an absolute hit! Our experience to date shows that. The turnover and the margin were significantly increased in all markets equipped with Magnodur in Germany and in many other European countries", revealed Serge Thömmes, Director Sales International.

With Magnodur, suki offers a comprehensive range of particularly corrosion-resistant wood connectors, which also have a long service life outdoors. The special coating can be painted without further pre-treatment and is also more environmentally friendly than galvanised goods. Chromium VI is demonstrably not contained in the product. The impact-resistant coating can withstand heavy weathering without any problems.

The modern POS appearance, including secondary placement, actively supports sales promotion. An easy-to-understand explanatory video and consumer tips appeal directly to consumers.

13 MARCH 2017

suki strengthens sales area management


After suki has launched its new retail concept "suki. Das Zeug zum Handwerk" was presented at the Eurobaustoffforum in November 2016 in Cologne, sales in the specialist trade sector were also strengthened. In addition to Sascha Graf, responsible for the sales regions West and South, the experienced specialist retailer Torsten Kosalla has also been responsible for the sales regions in East and North Germany since the beginning of January.

The new concept is now being marketed throughout Germany together with the comprehensive suki sales force. "We are consciously strengthening the sales area in Germany and are convinced that our core competences in area management, our many years of retail knowledge and new concepts will bring a breath of fresh air into the specialist retail world", says Reimund Penn, Sales Manager Germany.

23 NOVEMBER 2016

suki with a strong presence in the specialist trade "suki. The tools of the trade"


For the first time suki presented itself at the Eurobaustoffforum with a brand new trade appearance "suki. The tools of the trade". Under the trade fair slogan "Fresh wind on the wall" the trade visitors of the trade fair were able to convince themselves impressively of the new and area-optimised craftsman concepts in the field of hand tools, hardware and self-adhesive solutions.

"Over the past two years, we have worked intensively on improvements, expansions and revisions to our product ranges. These have been further upgraded in terms of quality for the craftsmen's range and competence articles and manufacturer brands have been integrated," says Michael Lanz, Director Category Management. In addition, the sales organisation will be further geared to the specialist trade with additional field staff and the sales network in Germany will be expanded. "We are very consciously strengthening our area sales in Germany and are convinced that our core competences in area management, our many years of retail knowledge and new concepts will bring a breath of fresh air into the specialist retail world," says Reimund Penn, Sales Manager Germany.

12 OCTOBER 2016

suki equips HEIMWERKEN LIVE with hand tools


"HEIMWERKEN LIVE, the expert for event management and training in DIY stores, is aimed at DIY stores and companies in the DIY sector in general that want to successfully offer their customers added value," says the company brochure.

To ensure that the right equipment is always at hand during HEIMWERKEN LIVE do-it-yourself courses, suki has equipped the trainer teams with the appropriate quality hand tools from the suki range. "We are happy to be able to motivate the do-it-yourselfers to do-it-yourself in the practical application during the courses," says Serge Thömmes, Director International Sales at suki.

The picture shows the symbolic handover of a tool box from Serge Thömmes to Maj Melamies, managing partner and two trainers from HEIMWERKEN LIVE.


suki.international designt mit der “MIXBOX“ ein neues Konzept für Sortimentsboxen im Bereich der Kleineisenwaren


With the "Mixbox" suki designs modern and content optimized hardware assortment boxes. The reusable boxes contain six different assortments from the areas of nails, metric screws, chipboard screws for indoor and outdoor use, screws with dowels and household articles. Removable individual boxes make the large mixing box particularly flexible and practical. The Mixbox Medium and the Mixbox Mini with smaller contents have been developed for smaller requirements.

With the large mixbox, the compact VE carton is also a presentation display and can be used practically as an additional placement. For the three different sizes suki has developed a presentation concept on one unit.

The first German DIY stores are already offering the boxes.