suki plug-in wood connectors make your DIY ideas come to life!
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What can I use the plug-in wood connectors for?

suki plug-in wood connectors are perfect for the quick assembly of various wooden structures such as carports, pergolas, terraces or garden furniture. Our connectors can be used with standard wooden beams in 70x70 mm as well as 90x90 mm. *

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Quality assured

With their solid welded construction and superior anthracite finish, every project made with suki plug-in wood connectors is of great quality. To ensure things stay that way for a long time, the powder coating with additional zinc plating provides a high level of corrosion protection. Also, all our connectors are CE-certified.

Assembly in 3 simple steps

Product overview

8092307 – 8092407
Corner 90°/ 2-Ends
8092300 – 8092400
Corner 90°/ 3-Ends
8092301 – 8092401
Corner 75°/ 3-Ends / Left
8092302 – 8092402
Corner 75°/ 3-Ends / Right
8092313 – 8092413
Corner 105°/ 3-Ends / Left
8092314 – 8092414
Corner 105°/ 3-Ends / Right
8092310 – 8092410
Extension 90°/ 3-Ends
8092304 – 8092404
Extension 90°/ 4-Ends
8092303 – 8092403
Extension 75°/ 4-Ends
8092305 – 8092405
Extension 105°/ 4-Ends
8092311 – 8092411
Post Support / Screw-on
8092312 – 8092412
Post Support / Concrete-in
Post cap flat
Gate hinge screw T30

Creative projects


Garden work & storage table

This great all-rounder table, assembled with suki plug-in wood connectors, can be used in many ways, especially outdoors: whether as a side table next to the barbecue or as a work table for potting & repotting plants in the garden it’s sure to come in handy. The top surface offers plenty of working or display space while the open shelf area provides a large storage area for tools, pots, or bags of garden soil.

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Bench with backrest

Relaxing in your favourite sunny spot after a hard day's work with a cold drink in your hand? The bench with a backrest, assembled with suki plug-in wood connectors is perfect for this. Find your special place for it, then just rest, relax and lean back.

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Simple bench

When friends drop by unannounced and chairs are in short supply, there's no need to worry. The simple bench, assembled with suki plug-in wood connectors, offers plenty of space so everyone feels right at home. And when it's just you or your family again, the bench makes a great resting place or replacement windowsill for placing plants or decorations.

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Simple stool

Minimalist in form and function, but still uniquely versatile. The simple stool, assembled with suki plug-in wood connectors, is the perfect starter project for those who are not yet confident in larger projects or just need a smaller solution to fit their space. Just like the bench, the stool can equally be used as a storage or side table in addition to its function as a seat.

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