Crafting value together

Discover how our innovations can increase your sales at the first suki Expo. Experience a unique event with customised solutions and partnership opportunities.

Starting April 2024

Come and see ...

Your complexity solved

Bespoke concepts and solutions that meet all your needs.

Thread or bar?

Whatever you call it. We have them all.

Less is more

Perceptions can be deceiving. Let us share our packaging knowledge with you.

Expertly engineered

It took us nearly 25 years to build our rocket. Come and see why.

It's in your hands ...

…. and ours, let's build something unique together.

Build or repair?

Technical made simple.

Wood Connectors

Enjoy over 800 solutions for joining wood.

1000 hours

That's how long it's tested for corrosion.

Plug in without using electricity? Plug in DIY

That's right, 22 different plugs to see, none that are electric. Your creativity is the only limit.

Feel secure?

Let us take the strain … with our links and ties.

Add colour?

Decorative and colourful at the same time. That's cool.

Harsh conditions

No matter what the weather is. We have a product solution for you.

Damage free

Easy to fix, safe to remove.

In need of hygge?

Your guaranteed warm welcome and some energy saving products too.

Attraction guaranteed

Innovative, small & surprisingly powerful.

One shade of black

… and a new shade of black. Right on trend.

Enhanced content

Is your online shop working hard enough? Lets see what we can do.

No green washing

Let talk about facts, integrity and measurable goals.

Meet the CEO

sukigroup. Much more than meets the eye.

What is FACIDO

We take care of your business.

Don't know what to choose?

Choose both. Flexible supply chain solutions.

A perfect fit

With over 60 years experience in space planning optimisation, come and see your best fit solutions.

Serious fun

When the work is done, its time to have some fun together.

Something old …something new

Something memorable for you.

Your Cube, Our Commitment

Your cube makes a difference! Bring it to sukiexpo and, in partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet, we'll plant 10 trees for each one. Receive your special cube in the confirmation package and help us grow a forest together.